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寶護以「更健康、更安心、更乾淨」為永續經營理念,堅持提供優質的商品及服務態度,以多年累績產業經驗建立起深度專業的軟實力與客戶維繫良好緊密的互動關係; 共同創新以照護健康,便利生活的理念,滿足客戶各式需求及想法,協助專屬客製多變化性的開發運用,持續開發對消費者有益的產品。寶護在未來計畫將產品銷售市場遍及國內各地及世界各國為主要目標。


Baohu Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a qualified children's mask manufacturer located in the Zhonghe Industrial Park; at the end of 2019, the global threat of covid-19 caused a severe shortage of masks. In response to the global epidemic prevention and care, we began to plan children's masks The design plan of the factory; since the day the factory was established, we have taken the perspective of giving back to the society, and let the babies and children wear comfortable and comprehensive protection. Before the epidemic can be effectively improved, let us protect our future masters at all times.

Baohu adheres to the sustainable business philosophy of "healthier, more secure and cleaner", insists on providing high-quality products and service attitude, and builds in-depth professional soft power and customer retention with years of accumulated industry experience Good and close interactive relationship; Co-innovate with the concept of caring for health and facilitating life, meet various needs and ideas of customers, assist in the development and application of exclusive customization and variability, and continue to develop products that are beneficial to consumers. In the future, Baohu plans to sell its products to all parts of the country and other countries in the world as its main target.


  1. 寶護醫療級兒童口罩-台灣製造三層防護結構使用更安心
  2. 次綠康-廣效除菌液、防護乾洗手液、空間清淨霧化機、感應式消毒機
  3. 齒妍堂-含鈣健齒噴霧、防蛀修護系列、健齒QQ糖、凍
  4. 寶兒樂-星捷舒鼻淨、廣欣舒鼻淨、小恐龍電動吸鼻器、吸藥輔助器
  5. 上辰生醫-精油霜、滾珠、貼布、噴劑、鴕鳥精
  6. 瑞凱、景和生物科技-/女性、孕婦孩童、銀髮族健康保健食品
  7. 初鹿牧場系列-薄餅、米餅、雪餅、小饅頭、米乖乖
  8. 皇族(無糖)餅干系列